Exquisite Services for Discerning Tastes

Welcome to a world of elegance, sophistication, and discreet companionship. I am Rauaab, your premier choice for high-profile escort services in Delhi. For those who appreciate the finer things in life, I offer an exceptional experience tailored exclusively to elite and VIP clientele.

A Delight of Exclusive Escort Service

About Me

I am more than just a beautiful face; I am your confidante, your muse, and your companion for unforgettable moments. With a background in the art of companionship, I understand the nuances of creating a memorable encounter that transcends the ordinary.

Your Privacy, My Priority

In a city where discretion is paramount, I meet my esteemed clients exclusively in 5-star hotels, ensuring the utmost privacy and security. Our encounters are a private affair, a secret world where you can escape the pressures of your daily life and indulge in pure luxury.

Services Offered

My services are designed to cater to your desires and preferences. Whether you seek companionship for a romantic dinner, a night out on the town, or an intimate rendezvous, I provide a range of services that elevate every moment

Dinner Dates

Join me for a delightful evening of fine dining, stimulating conversation, and a touch of romance.

City Companionship

Explore the vibrant city of Delhi with me as your elegant guide and companion.

Travel Companion

Embark on a luxurious journey with me by your side, whether for business or leisure. I am your ideal travel companion.

Intimate Encounters

For those seeking a deeper connection, I offer private and sensual encounters that ignite passion and desire.

Event Companionship

Attend high-society events, galas, and social gatherings with me as your captivating companion, turning heads wherever we go.

Overnight Engagements

Indulge in an entire night of luxury and intimacy, where every moment is a memory to cherish.

Connect With Me - Most Desired Escort Girl in Delhi

Your journey into a world of sophistication and allure begins with a simple step. To book an unforgettable experience with Delhi escorts, please get in touch via the contact details provided. Our encounter will be a carefully curated affair, designed exclusively for you.

Elevate Your Moments

With me and my other exclusive escorts in Delhi, every moment becomes an experience, every encounter a memory. For those who seek the extraordinary, I am your muse, your companion, and your gateway to a world of refinement. Let's embark on a journey of luxury and indulgence together.

Me with my Delhi escort girls can offer a range of private services within the confines of a bedroom to cater to the desires of elite and VIP clientele. These services are designed to create intimate and memorable moments. Here are some examples:

Sensual Massages

I can provide a sensuous and relaxing massage(and also my other escort girls in Delhi) that not only relieves stress but also heightens sensory pleasure. The gentle touch of the skilled hands of Delhi escorts can set the mood for a memorable evening.

Intimate Companionship

Escorts in Delhi can offer private companionship that goes beyond conversation. Whether it's cuddling, intimate conversations, or sharing fantasies, she creates a comfortable and passionate atmosphere.


For clients interested in exploring their fantasies, hot and smart escort girls of my escort agency can engage in role-playing scenarios to add an element of excitement and adventure to the encounter. This can include various roles, scenarios, and costumes to make the experience truly immersive.

Dinner and Breakfast in Bed

Elevate your private time with our exclusive and premium escorts by enjoying a sumptuous dinner or breakfast in the comfort of your luxurious hotel room. This intimate dining experience adds a touch of romance to your private rendezvous.

Aromatherapy and Sensory Delights

Independent escorts can use aromatherapy to enhance the ambiance and stimulate the senses. The subtle scents of essential oils combined with soft music create an atmosphere of relaxation and sensuality.

Customized Experiences

All our escorts are attentive to their client's desires and can customize the experience to meet individual preferences. Whether it's creating a specific ambiance, incorporating favorite activities, or fulfilling unique fantasies, they ensure that every encounter is personalized.

Key to Exciting Services : Communication and Intimacy

It's essential for each escort girl to prioritize open communication with her clients to understand their desires and boundaries. Consent, respect, and comfort are paramount in providing these private services. Every VIP escort in Delhi should ensure that her clients feel safe and relaxed during these intimate moments, creating an experience that is both enjoyable and memorable.

A wide Range of Intimate Services

All of the escort girls with me can offer a range of intimate services for her clients. These services can add an extra layer of excitement and connection to the encounter. Here are some mind-blowing ones:

Blow Job (Oral Sex)

Providing oral pleasure is a common and intimate service offered by many escorts. Escort girls at Rauaab can use their skills to create a sensual and enjoyable experience for their clients.

69 Position

The 69 position is a mutual oral sex position where both partners pleasure each other simultaneously. It can be a highly intimate and pleasurable experience for those seeking variety.

Girlfriend Experience (GFE)

The GFE is a service where our model escorts in Delhi create a romantic and affectionate atmosphere, making the client feel like they are in a genuine relationship. This may include cuddling, deep kissing, and intimate conversations.

Doggy Style

Doggy style is a popular sexual position known for its intensity and deep penetration. It can be included as part of the intimate services our female escorts provide.

Duo Services

If clients desire a more adventurous experience, our exclusive escort girls can offer duo services, where they collaborates with another escort in Delhi to provide a unique and thrilling encounter.

Kissing - Tongue to Tongue

The "Tongue to Tongue Kissing" service, also known as "French kissing," is an intimate and sensuous experience provided by our escorts. It involves a passionate exchange of deep kisses, where both you and the escort girl use your tongues to explore each other's mouths in an affectionate and erotic manner. This service is designed to create a heightened sense of intimacy, connection, and pleasure during your private encounter.

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It's essential for Rauaab to maintain clear communication with her clients regarding their preferences and boundaries. Consent and respect for each client's comfort level are paramount. Additionally, ensuring that both Rauaab and her clients prioritize safe practices and protection is crucial to a safe and enjoyable encounter.


Me and my escort girls are committed to providing a safe and respectful environment for all their clients. It's important to note that while we are comfortable with certain sexual services, including but not limited to those mentioned (e.g., blow job, 69, girlfriend experience, doggy style, duo), we does not charge for these services.

All intimate encounters and advancements within the bedroom are entirely consensual and based on mutual desires and comfort. There are no additional commitments or monetary requirements associated with these services. Any activities that occur during an encounter are the result of mutual consent between adults, and no specific financial transactions are associated with them.

We prioritize the well-being and comfort of our clients and are dedicated to maintaining the highest level of professionalism and discretion. We encourage open communication about preferences and boundaries to ensure that every encounter is enjoyable and respectful.

By engaging in any intimate activities with me or any other escort from my agency, you acknowledge that these interactions are purely consensual, private, and free from any financial obligations beyond the agreed-upon fees for the companionship services.

Please feel free to discuss any questions or concerns regarding these services with us before your encounter to ensure a mutually satisfying experience.